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Livestream Follow-Up

Thanks for joining us for our special livestream event, detailing the planning for the 2020-2021 school year! If you have a question about an item that was not covered in the livestream, we invite you to reach out to the appropriate MVC staff member using the contact information below. While you’re here, consider subscribing toContinue reading “Livestream Follow-Up”

Let’s Connect

The last several weeks have been full of robust research, discussion, collaboration, and prayer across our “virtual campus.” Faculty and staff have dedicated long hours, often evenings and weekends, to ensure that the MVC you return to this fall is ready, reimagined, and responsive in this new season of learning. While you can find aContinue reading “Let’s Connect”

Plans in Progress

Even as we wrap up the school year and celebrate our beloved Class of 2020 this week, the four task forces I introduced last week are hard at work planning and preparing for next year. Students are anxious to know exactly what they will return to as they embark on summer vacation. Parents need toContinue reading “Plans in Progress”

Fall Reopening Preparations

Over the last two months, I have watched you encounter unprecedented challenges, navigate previously unthinkable scenarios, and realize incredible achievements despite tremendous obstacles. Teachers transitioned curriculums on a dime, parents heroically handled the collision of their personal and professional lives, and students learned class content as well as courage, caring, and balance, attributes that willContinue reading “Fall Reopening Preparations”

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