Plans in Progress

Even as we wrap up the school year and celebrate our beloved Class of 2020 this week, the four task forces I introduced last week are hard at work planning and preparing for next year. Students are anxious to know exactly what they will return to as they embark on summer vacation. Parents need to know the same, as June 15 approaches and, with it, their family’s enrollment commitment for next year.

Our team would like to have all the answers, but timing, circumstances, and government mandates make that impossible. We commit to sharing answers as soon as we have them, though, and do want to clarify the following as you consider what learning will look like for your family come August:

  • MVC is creating a reimagined learning model option for students and families in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and potential disruptions it may cause next school year.
  • Although it is in the formative stages, this model will offer flexibility between live remote online and in-person learning at the discretion of each family. 
  • Remote online learning options will be largely synchronous, enhanced by technology, and differ significantly from the experience offered over the last two months.
  • Social-emotional and spiritual support will also take on new forms, ensuring that whether families opt for remote online learning or come to campus, the relationships that are core to the MVC experience will thrive in new and innovative ways.
  • Because plans are coming together literally as we speak, our goal is to share a robust plan with parents and students in early June. The first installment of tuition for 2020-2021 is drawn on June 15 and families need details to inform their commitment to next year. Parents will be given time between the release of these details and June 15 to make their decision without concerns about future financial commitment.
  • If your decision regarding next school year is being influenced by financial difficulties related to the pandemic, MVC’s Chief Financial Officer Matt LaFleur is available to discuss financial aid funds MVC has set aside specifically for COVID-19 relief

The platform you’re viewing right now will be the new format by which we will share updates throughout the coming weeks. You will hear from other leaders, faculty members, fellow parents, and even students here as plans take shape. Please use this as your go-to for ‘20-’21 questions and never hesitate to contact us with specific needs.

We recognize the investment each family makes to be a part of our school family. The MVC team is responding to new challenges in real-time to ensure ever-increasing value for our students in the midst of changed circumstances. God truly is doing something special in our midst.


Dr. Mitchell Salerno

5 thoughts on “Plans in Progress

  1. This update is very encouraging. Thank you for creating a platform for us to keep up the great progress you are making. Thank you so much for the added time and hard work all of you are investing in our future.

  2. I am pleasantly happy with the progress the school has done to keep our children and staff safe. Kudos and hats off to you and all your staff for their hard work and dedication they put forward for the success of our children

  3. Thank you, Kim! We, too, are so grateful for our dedicated faculty and staff. They love our MVC students so much!

  4. As an MVC teacher, I am so excited about the learning model we are creating for school in the Fall!
    I am vitally, authentically interested in my students and their passions, and can’t wait to know my new freshmen! I love that we can continue to have such a personalized learning experience here at MVCS.

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