Task Force Member Spotlight: Daryl Fleming

Daryl Fleming

Task Force: Learning & Education Models

I have been a teacher for over 20 years and have a BA in Biblical Literature with a minor in Christian Education. I am Montessori trained, and I have a variety of certificates one of which is my Category One training in IB. I have taught History, AP Language and Composition, Bible, and I currently teach English 1 Honors where my passion to develop strong writers is fulfilled. My husband Chuck is also a teacher and for many years we taught in the same schools, even sharing a classroom at Monte Vista for several years. Some of our teaching together took place at a Bible College in England (I am a British citizen) where we lived from 2001 to 2004 with our three children. I homeschooled my own children which allowed the whole world to be their classroom. They are now young adults who have pursued their passions with determination. Each of them is extremely creative, courageous, funny, and delightful to be around. Our oldest son, Devon, is an actor and screenwriter who lives in LA. Our daughter, Brooke, has been a Ford model, a flight attendant for Virgin America, a manager and teacher at a yoga studio in San Francisco, and is about to join the management team of a tech company in the East Bay. Our youngest son Collin works as a creative for an autonomous vehicle company in Mountain View. Being with my family is my number one favorite way to spend my time. During SIP we have a Google Hangout each Friday evening where laughter rules. I also love to write.

This Learning and Education Taskforce inspires me so much!  My colleagues’ individual strengths have come together to build something quite remarkable.  I care deeply about our students as individual people with God-given passions and so I want to be a part of creating a learning experience that engages and enriches them as they explore their interests. Through the ashes of COVID-19, I do believe some beautiful things can be born in education. We can break the old mold and reimagine a place where learning really happens and where more of the real world can be the “classroom”. I believe schools can become a dynamic environment that is highly relational, highly networked, and highly collaborative whether virtually or on campus. It will take imagination, determination, and trust in our God who demonstrates knowledge, wisdom, and creativity every day and I want to be an active part of that.

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