Task Member Spotlight: Heather Oliver

Heather Oliver

Heather Oliver is a member of MVC’s faculty, and also serves as a member of the recently formed Family Satisfaction & Value task force.

What is your educational background?
Physical Science and Design/Makerspace teacher @ MVCS,  BS in Kinesiology and Masters in Education, CA Professional Clear Teaching Credential.

How long have you been a professional educator?
15+ years.

Tell us about your family and your personal passions aside from education.
I am married and mom to twins Seth and Sage Oliver, who are current MVCS students. My passions are biking, reading, gardening, hiking, running and building and maintaining close relations with God, family and friends.

What has you most excited about working on this particular task force?
I am most excited about the opportunity to position MVCS to be a leader in a Christian hybrid educational model.

How has this opportunity (the COVID-19 SIP) caused you to think differently about the next evolution in learning?
This situation has reminded me that education is constantly changing, and that those institutions which stay firm in their driving statement, yet adapt to meet the needs of learners, will come out of this crisis transformed for the better.

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