Another Layer of Detail on Level 3 at MVC

Dear Parents and Students,

Below you will find another layer of detail related to our updated reopening plans announced earlier this week. We are providing this information in real time and appreciate your patience as we continue to fill in the blanks day by day.  

In keeping with our commitment to keep you informed as soon as information comes to us, I need to share that earlier today, we received information from the Santa Cruz County Office of Education that differs significantly from the very specific and definitive green light to open that we received prior from Dr. Gail Newel, our Santa Cruz County Health Officer. 

This level of uncertainty and lack of coordination between governmental agencies is understandably frustrating and disconcerting. At this time, MVC is proceeding with our intention to reopen on Tuesday, September 22 unless specifically ordered otherwise by our County Health Officer. Please join me in praying that the confusion will be eliminated and that our local authorities can provide clear, cohesive guidance soon.

The Calendar
The image below (click here to see it larger in a browser) lays out how the 50/50 student groupings described in yesterday’s Mustang Flyer fall chronologically through October. 

  • Students in East ZIP codes are invited to learn in-person on Mondays, Wednesdays, and every other Friday;
  • Students in West ZIP codes are invited to learn in-person on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Friday.

This pattern provides consistency as families plan transportation and other logistics, while also ensuring that in any two-week window, all students have a chance to experience both Odd and Even days in-person should they so choose.

The Categories
The image below (click here to see it larger in a browser) depicts the three categories from which students can choose for their learning environment in Level 3.

  • Come-to-Campus students plan to learn in-person each day possible (Mondays, Wednesdays & every other Friday if East/Tuesdays, Thursdays & every other Friday if West);
  • Hang-at-Home students plan to learn remotely each day;
  • Hybrid-Plan students will opt to come to campus for some of their assigned region’s in-person learning days and learn remotely for others.

Next week, parents will be emailed a form by which they can choose in which learning option each student will begin. Parents may change options for their student(s) at any time with one week (7 days) notice to Amy Coleman (for high schoolers) or Melissa Morales (for middle schoolers). These categories will allow our team to plan classroom space for proper physical distancing on any given day.

More Nitty-Gritty
You will receive even more in-depth information from our principals early next week. Our Level 3 Blended Learning Student Guidelines will cover everything from safety protocols to academics to student handbook topics. I know they will answer many of your “nitty-gritty” questions and that you will find this to be an incredibly helpful resource.

Here are some other topics you’ll hear more about soon:

  • Bus information coming from our Transportation Manager Ken Rothhammer;
  • Horsemanship/Contract P.E. details from our outsourced provider Belmont Stables;
  • Cafe service beginning in October as we continue to work with our outsourced provider Epicurean Group.

MVC family, it has been quite a week. As you head into a weekend of rest, I am praying for each one of you. Regardless of where you find yourself politically, emotionally, and spiritually right now, I am asking God to grant our school family His peace that passes understanding as we walk the days to come together.

Dr. Mitchell Salerno

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