More Details re: MVC’s Response to COVID-19 Updates

Dear Students & Parents,

When I arrived in the office very early this morning, you were on my heart and mind. I recorded the video message below to share some reflections about the times in which we’re living and how I see MVC’s mission fitting beautifully within them. The video is general in nature, but the email text below provides specific information regarding our immediate plans and updates.

The approaching holiday season, Friday’s state-issued travel advisory, and yesterday’s Santa Cruz County move to Tier 1/Widespread/Purple create the need for additional communication about operations here at MVC. Our goal – to protect the health and safety of our campus community – remains unchanged, even in the face of ever-changing circumstances, trends, and governmental input.

As always, we ask that students and families review and abide by the recommendations outlined recently by public health experts at the national (CDC)state (CA), and local (Santa Cruz County) levels regarding safety during and after the upcoming holiday. Our collective commitment to uphold these standards is crucial to our ability to stay safe and stay open as a school.

We anticipate our community’s adherence to these guidelines will impact on-campus learning November 30 through December 11 in the following ways:

  • Quarantining teachers will host Zoom classes from their homes. Students learning on campus will attend either from that teacher’s classroom (supervised by a substitute teacher or aide) or from an alternative learning space on campus (e.g. the Don Price Performing Arts Chapel or ARC).
  • In-person learners must bring their lunch as Epicurean Group will be unable to offer food service in light of lower in-person numbers.
  • As long as MVC is open for in-person learning, bus service will continue and remain in line with health and safety guidance from local officials.  
  • Some previously scheduled extra-curricular activities have been canceled, including Friday’s Wild West Mustang Fest for high school. Some others, including but not limited to Fall Sport Series Session 3 and school picture retakes, will proceed as planned pending requisite staffing and/or student participation. The remaining activities and events, like performing arts events, will be reimagined to maximize safety. Please await activity-specific information closer to the date of each event.

Your questions are welcome, as always. Please direct academic inquiries to High School Principal Susie Swing or Middle School Principal Carissa Medina; health and safety inquiries can be posed to School Nurse Colette Crawford or Assistant Head of School Nikki Daniels.

As with so many aspects of life over the last nine months, the closing weeks of this semester may not look like what we expected or hoped. In the midst of this season of thanksgiving, however, we are grateful to God for His protection over our school community thus far and for the opportunity to continue learning together – albeit in unique and unanticipated ways – in the days and weeks to come.

Dr. Mitchell Salerno

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