MVC’s Return to Learning for Second Semester

Please view the brief video above for an update regarding MVC’s return to learning in January. Here is a summary:

  • Learning at MVC will restart on Monday, January 4 remotely for all students and teachers. There will be no activities on campus that week, including after school athletics. 
  • In-person learning on an East/West rotation will begin on Monday, January 11 with an Even East day.

Here on campus, we’ll use the week of January 4 to kick off a robust semester of learning while maintaining our physical distancing & all safety protocols to ensure everyone is healthy and well. We encourage school families to do the same by making sure you’re in a place conducive to learning and making wise choices in line with current health recommendations so that we can all come together safely the week of January 11.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can feel free to reach out to me, High School Principal Susie Swing, or Middle School Principal Carissa Medina at any time, including during Christmas Break. 

Looking forward to a safe and healthy return to learning in 2021,

Dr. Mitchell Salerno

One thought on “MVC’s Return to Learning for Second Semester

  1. Thank you for adapting and setting safe guidelines for our MVCS Community. We are all learning as we go about how our choices can impact the spread of Covid. Taking a break for that week could save a life and help keep our School available for in-person learning.

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