One Priority


Your choice* of live learning experiences:

  • In-Person. Enjoy the sprawling campus, your friends, and your learning, among the bustling school community.
  • Remote. Relax in your favorite PJs and join the live course sessions from the comfort of your own home.
  • Both. Choose which days to attend on-campus, and which days to join remotely, for the ultimate hybrid experience.

*When local health regulations allow. Please see our schedule for detailed information.


MVC is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy campus environment. This includes detailed and proactive plans that flex with the changing demands of local health regulations and guidelines. For more information about our response to COVID-19, please visit our FAQ page.


MVC is about more than just high quality education. We are equipped and ready to serve our families beyond the classroom by offering a community of care.

  • Physical. MVC offers a full-time registered nurse to help oversee government health protocols, as well as address student-related issues that may arise.
  • Emotional. MVC offers a full-time licensed therapist to ensure all families have the opportunity to seek insight and assistance with issues that may arise.
  • Spiritual. MVC offers opportunities for students to be part of smaller, core groups designed to build relationships with God and others.
  • Academic. MVC offers a dedicated team of academic counselors that regularly meet with students and families to make sure academic goals are being met, or design detailed plans to help struggling students thrive.

To learn more about how your family can thrive at MVC, please contact our Admissions team today!

For more information about our response to COVID-19, please visit our FAQ page.

MVC Open for Good
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