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Remote Learning vs. Blended Learning

In remote learning, you attend class together (synchronously) following the school bell schedule, with everyone attending class online from home. This applies in MVC’s Level 4 Operating Modality.

While Santa Cruz County is on California’s COVID-19 county watch list, the state mandates that we offer remote learning only. Once Santa Cruz County is officially removed from the list, MVC’s goal will be to reopen for blended learning in a Level 3 Operating Modality after the required 14 days have passed. Updates concerning this status will be posted on MVC’s Open for Good blog.

In blended learning, you attend class together following the school bell schedule, with some of you choosing to attend class online from home and some of you choosing to be on campus in the classroom. This applies in MVC’s Level 2 and Level 3 Operating Modalities.

How do I know what is happening in my courses?

There are three primary ways to access your course materials, assignments, and resources.

  • Moodle: This is where you will have a personalized dashboard with buttons to take you to each individual course, a calendar of upcoming school events, and important announcements. Your teachers are committed to keeping their Moodle courses up-to-date and organized for you to easily follow course expectations whether you are at home or on campus. All students will be instructed on how to access Moodle once the school year begins. 
  • Focus: This is where you can see your assignment due dates, scores for your assignments and assessments, and your overall grade for the semester.  
  • In class: Whether in person or online, you should be attending all classes as the information and materials provided directly from your teacher will be the most useful tools to help you learn and understand your course expectations.

Do I have to attend class if I am working from home?

You absolutely do! Attendance and tardies will still apply whether you are learning online or in person per our Parent/Student Handbook (coming soon via the Mustang Flyer). Prolonged absences related to COVID-19 situations will be addressed on a case-by-case basis by MVC leadership.

Attend and be on time to all classes, including the Advocacy, Chapel, Clubs and Tutorials (ACCT) period. Everyone will follow our block schedule. Take a look at it the here.

It is important to remember that learning is the focus during class time. Please find a suitable learning space, be dressed appropriately to be in a live class session, and be in a stable environment free from internet connectivity concerns as all classroom activities and participation will be required of you during class. Review the Live Learning Protocol here.  

How do I get help for my classes or connect with my teachers?

You can get support from and time with teachers in several different different ways:

  • Office Hours: Teachers will have digital office hours (Flex) 3x/week, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 8:20 am in addition to after school office hours twice a week from 3:25 pm – 3:45 pm. You can find their office hours on their Moodle Course.
  • ACCT: ACCT is a period that takes place Monday through Thursday after the first period of the day. During ACCT, you will have opportunities to get support for your academic courses. 
  • Email your teacher or make an appointment as you need to: Teachers are committed to responding to your email within 24 hours.

Will I need to learn new technology?

Have your iPad ready to go! Your teachers will work with you on any new apps or digital platforms they want you to use. It is important to have a strong WiFi connection for times you need to attend class from home. 

Read through our Live Learning Protocol. It is important that you understand how to use Zoom responsibly and effectively as a learning tool. 

How will I submit work and take tests if I am not in the classroom in person?

Your teacher will help you learn where and how to submit your work. Moodle will be the primary tool you will use. For tests, teachers will post test dates in Moodle and Focus at least 5 days in advance and will help guide you on testing protocols for that course.

Will the school rules stay the same?

Check out our Parent/Student Handbook (coming soon via the Mustang Flyer) if you have questions about specific rules. For the most part, we will still have rules to help you have a safe and successful year – and if needed, correction and consequences when rules are not followed. 

Remember to look at our policy about academic honesty and treating others with respect and courtesy. In blended and remote learning environments, it is important to remember that you may not share your work with others unless directed to by your teacher. It is just as important to remember that you should treat each other with courtesy; pictures, screenshots and other means of recording fellow students or teachers without their consent will be addressed with our discipline policy.

How will chapel work?

We are excited to offer you chapel as a way to support and know each other well. Once a week, during the ACCT period in the schedule, you get to be in a group (of about 10 people). You’ll have some choice as to who’s in it — as well as its type. Some high school venues (such as Sisters and The Current) are still options, but most of us will choose between a group with a primary emphasis on enjoying real relationships with one another — or with God. All students will attend chapel.

How will PE and my electives such as art, makerspace, and others work?

These opportunities for you are important to us, as well. We will help those registered in these classes with the specifics for each course. We plan to have some creative learning opportunities for you even if we cannot be together. 

When can MVC reopen for in-person learning?

Santa Cruz County schools may reopen for in-person instruction if they have not been on the state monitoring list within the prior 14 days. The Santa Cruz County Office of Education has developed a multi-agency process to review school sites and provide support in the development of protocols for preparation for the reopening of school campuses. The five-step process includes a review of standards, a discussion of plans with site leaders, a review of facilities, and a discussion of protocols, staffing, resources, and challenges. The process culminates in the presentation of a report of recommendations to school leaders.

When MVC moves to Levels 2 & 3

Do I have to choose between remote learning and in-person learning?

Once parents have signed a waiver issued by MVC that gives their student(s) permission to learn on campus once again, families can decide together which type of learning is best at any given time.

What’s the difference between Level 2 and Level 3?

At Level 2, you may opt to learn in person on campus each day. At Level 3, 50% of our student body may opt for in-person learning each day. MVC will alternate East Days vs. West Days, divided by ZIP code as indicated on this map. Also, at Level 3 the block schedule does not rotate, as it does in Level 2. 

What about lunch and break during the day?

If we are in a blended learning model, you will still have breaks and lunches, but they will look different. We need to make sure you stay healthy and safe, so social distancing requirements will remain in place. The Cafe food pick-up will look different, but you will still have the delicious Epicurean menu! For seating, you will be able to bring your own fold-up chair that allows you to take a break, visit with friends, and stay safe at a distance. We will send more information later with specific details on those pieces.

What about Seniors with off-periods and other special circumstances?

For Seniors or those in groups with special circumstances, you will continue to receive information from your principal and guidance counselor. You can also find the answers to most questions in the Parent/Student Handbook (coming soon via the Mustang Flyer).

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